Investing and business books are complicated. Picture doodles are not.


Let's face it - a lot of business and investing books are not delivered in the most memorable fashion.

When doing analysis, you can only make use of the ideas and concepts that you actively remember to use. This is like only having a hammer available when what you really need is a complete toolbox to solve problems.

This site is a toolbox to jog memory and improve analysis. It collects ideas from books and puts them in a single location in a readily accessible and memorable format.


How well do you recall high school trigonometry? Like most people, I have nearly complete memory loss in this subject.

This strikes me as fundamentally wrong. For all of that time spent reading and studying, eventually memory loss has degraded the value of my time investment in trigonometry to zero.

I feel this effect is particularly irksome when it comes to business and investing books I've read more than 10 years ago. I've built this site to serve as a memory aid to help solve this problem.

I also understand the importance of combinatorial creativity. Charlie Munger describes a process how he collects mental models from different fields and applies them together in combination in order to analyze companies and predict behaviour. Similarly, by collecting models in one place, I hope to spur mental connections between varied ideas and generate insight.


I am an investment analyst from Toronto, Canada. To improve, I focus on process and acquiring mental tools.

Please enjoy the site.